Hey! I’m Chayli! I’m just a Jesus lovin’ teenager with something to say. So stick around and see what’s happenin’ 😉

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the goal


This is a blog about things I wish I could’ve said, but now I have the words to say them. Over the last few years, I’ve been through a lot and learned a lot of lessons. Constantly, God is showing me that more times than not, when I write, I’m writing to myself. So, basically, this blog is a bunch of letters from God -> to me -> to you. This is for everyone who needs it. Somehow you’ve gotten to the point of reading this, so you’re here for some reason.

This isn’t a gender-specific, religion-specific blog. I am a girl who loves Jesus, but if you’re not, please feel welcome to read. I’m really honest about my emotions, I dabble a bit in poetry and I hope that no matter what you’re going through and whatever has brought you here, you can know that you are loved, you are not alone, you are important, and you are welcome.

i am

The idea is this: the world tells who we should be, but the Father tells us who we ARE. There are verses in scripture to back up what He says about us and once we take ownership of our personal identity, it can be powerful.

To see this project in its entirety, visit the “home” page, scroll down to the “ i am” menu, and enjoy 🙂

1. “who”: meet the amazing girls and women of “i am” and the verses behind their stories

2. “what”: a little bit more of an explanation of the project

3. “why”: the stories behind some of the ladies’s words

I am C. The world says I am fearful, but the Father says I am B R A V E.