No. 1: Picking Fights

Have you ever felt like the devil is just constantly picking a fight with you? Giving you problems, ruining your plans? Does it seem like life is about as fantastic as bird poop on your windshield or stuff in your teeth? I’m pretty sure everyone can say they’ve felt like this at one point or another.

Last week…was either way awesome (😁) or way…not awesome (😑). Whether it was God testing me and my patience or the devil is picking on me cause he thinks it’s funny (or both), it was crazy. I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to “just be patient”. Buuuutttt then again, I felt that darn devil going “You aren’t strong enough. You’re confused. You don’t know better than any of this.”

You know that saying “The Lord works in mysterious ways”? Well let me tell you, the devil does too. He’s pretty stupid but works in the most aggravating, undermining ways and gosh, it’s annoying. But I know my God is bigger. He’s bigger than confusion, hurt, annoyance, all of it.

Any time I feel the devil pulling at me, trying to convince me to “join the dark side” if you will, I remember each time I’ve felt the same way before and the way my Jesus has pulled through. Every. Stinkin. Time. He’ll never leave me the way I feel like I’m being left. He is always near.

Pray with me?

Lord, I ask that You would be near to me when I feel distant from You and Your Word. God, the devil is fighting me. I need Your help to break the power of confusion. Help me to know how to handle situations. Thank You for today. Even if it was bad, You pull me through. Every breath I take is borrowed time and for this, I give you praise. Give me strength for a new day and let me be a light for You.

In Jesus’ nameen.

For each of these lil chats we’re gonna have, I’m gonna put a verse that I feel speaks to the situation and a song that goes with it. So, here’s the verse and song for this week:

Verse: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

Song: Come to Me (feat. Jenn Johnson) by Bethel Music from the album The Loft Sessions (2011)

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