No. 8: Short, Sweet, & Royal: The Disney Edition

Hello there! I’m writing to you from Disney World! It’s been a fast-paced, fun trip and I pretty much don’t wanna leave. One of the most fun things that I love to do when I go to Disney or a concert is to meet the characters etc. I collect autographs and I love having the opportunity to meet people.
Today, we met a few different characters including Jasmine, Aladdin, Belle, and Alice (on her birthday, actually). Recently, I came to the sad reality that these are only men and women that have to audition and go through classes to become the characters we’ve known for so long.

These are people hiding behind costumes and makeup. They are real people from all over the country. This is their job. But can you imagine people coming to you saying “I love you!” to someone you’re not?

Then I got to thinking: do we dress up, wear makeup, do our hair, or do things to act like something we truly aren’t? Does anyone love you for someone you’re pretending to be?

We are each a masterpiece. Sculpted in the eye of the Beholder. He created us in His image. Not one that was ever born (even ones that were miscarried or stillborn) were individually crafted by the Creator.

We need to stop being like each other and identify ourselves as a human and in Jesus. We might look, talk, or feel the same feelings as a lot of people on this Earth, but we can’t pretend to be something other than what we are.

(I’m always telling myself this:) Don’t dress up for anyone. Dress up because it makes you feel good. Don’t wear makeup because someone thinks it looks good. Do it because you think it looks good. Let people love you for who you were before you started comparing yourself to others.

So, I’m sorry if I put a damper on the Disney Park magic. Like I said, I still stand in line for The Mouse and his girlfriend. I still got super giddy meeting Belle and Jasmine.

I’ve been saying for a while how awesome it would be to work here as a human character, or “Face Character” as they call them here. I physically can’t because I’m too short, but how they deal with the pressures of constantly having to live up to everyone’s expectations are beyond me.

I know it’s a stereotypical thing to say “Be yourself”. That’s kind of weird that everyone uses it so lightly. It’s hard to be you all the time without comparing or putting on a mask so you seem more “appealing”.

You’re a masterpiece. A painting doesn’t become a different painting just because someone else wants it to be. It stays the same and only those who appreciate its true beauty and character can bask in the full. Be who you were created to be, not who someone else was.

Verse: “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”‭‭ Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭

Song: “Who I Am” by Blanca from self-titled album (2015)

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