No. 10: Brother

Seven years. Six letters. One boy. The only boy that has never let me down, hurt me. The only boy who has gotten on my nerves more than anybody (sigh), but I love more than anybody.
That boy is my brother. Six letters: I-S-A-I-A-H.

On June 2, 2009, I escaped the loathed only child life. I’m the proudest of the proud big sisters of the world. Yep, that’s me. I asked a few older sisters that have younger brothers what it’s like and the most common answer was that our job is to protect them and even though they get on our nerves, we have a special relationship with them that we can’t have with anyone else.

My cousin Olyvia said:

“Being an older sister is literally the most frustrating thing ever, but it can also be the best thing that ever happens to you. Little siblings are always in your hair. They are Always asking what you are doing and constantly copying you. You try to help them so that your parents aren’t angry with them, and they don’t listen and then they get mad at you. But the reason they copy you is because they admire you.

No matter how much affection they give you, they are constantly looking up to you. Even though they are always annoying you, you still look out for them. It’s kind of an older sibling’s duty to watch over the younger kids. To protect them. They may be annoying, but you’d do anything for them, and you couldn’t imagine life without them.”

I couldn’t ask for a better person to grow up with and watch grow up. It’s one of the strongest bittersweet feelings watching him get older. I remember holding little 7 pounds 2 ounce Baby Bennett for the first time and now I’m watching him give reports in class. I’m the proudest in every moment I get to see this little boy grow into the (eventual) man I know he’s meant to be.

One day I’ll take 18394 pictures when he takes his beautiful date to a dance. One day I’ll cry at his wedding when he’s reading his vows to the girl we’ve been prepping him for. And one day when his kids, whom he’s planning on naming Luke, Leia, and Sofia the First (sigh), I’ll be as proud as I was on the day he made me cry for the first time.

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Humans are entrusted with few important responsibilities during our lives and I’ve been given this boy who gets on my nerves like no one person does, but hey I’m not complaining. After all, no boy can come near me if Bub doesn’t like him first. Between all those sweet “I love ya Sis” and the oh-so-boyish comments about human waste (sigh), he’s growing on me, ya know? Oh, but I love him. What a perfect gift.
Verse: “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

Song: “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift from the album Speak Now (2010)
“Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE from the album Rivers in the Wasteland (2014)

One Reply to “No. 10: Brother”

  1. What a great tribute to your brother and an even greater testimony to you! Isaiah is fortunate to be growing up with a bus sister that loves him like you do.
    Thank you for (once again) Making me smile with your wise , mature, heartwarming blog! I look forward to this in my email ahead of everything else!

    Liked by 1 person

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