No. 18: Every Breath, Every Praise

Last night I went to the Needtobreathe’s Tour de Compadres show. (If you’re into dancing/singing at the top of your lungs/having fun, I definitely recommend. If that’s not your thing…why?)

Anytime I go to a concert, it reminds me of why I want to do what I want to do.

“But, Chayli, what do you want to do?”

Well lemme tell you, friends 😏

Ever since I could remember, when my mama would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I gave her two answers: a mommy and a singer. Ok so, the mommy one is like, wayyyyy far in the future but the beginning stages of my singing dream are already coming into place.

Music is one of those things that I could talk about for hours on end without getting bored. I love bands, the behind the scenes details of concerts, the art of vocals, the blowing-of-minds way that instruments can blend together. This sounds super cliche, but there is no other way to explain how awesome those gifts are without giving credit to God.

One of the really incredible things that I’ve learned after leading worship for 3 years and in different ministries is that the stage can change and sometimes so will the people, but worship never changes.

Worship is a matter of heart. It never changes, never has limits. Worship doesn’t live in one place. It’s open to you when the Spirit moves you.

I told my mom last night that one of the best parts of a concert, as a singer, is that you don’t have to sound pretty when you’re in the audience. You can scream and yell and not have to worry about anyone thinking you sing well. And then I started thinking about how it is for God when He hears us sing to Him. You can be as loud and off tune as you want to be and He still thinks it’s the most beautiful noise ever. You can sing as quiet and still as humanly possible and He still hears every word. Every breath. Every praise. You can worship in a church pew or in the parking lot of a gas station at midnight and it is all as surreal and meaningful to God.

Worship isn’t limited to a certain genre of music. You can be head banging while you’re worshipping Him. Praise takes all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t even have to be music at all! Sometimes it comes in the form of writing or art. Whatever gives God the glory and gives Him praise is worship.

In Psalm 95:6 it says:

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”

Worship, my friends, is a matter of heart. A love letter to our Creator. You breathe it and live it all at once. It’s always there, open for you to take the opportunity. It’s up to you to take it.

“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭95:6‬
“Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭96:2‬

(I kid you not, is a Sunday school song)

“Come, Now Is The Time To Worship (Kids Version)” by I Could Sing Kids Performers from the album I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Kids (2002)

(And throw in some Needtobreathe because duh 😉)

“Garden” by NEEDTOBREATHE from the album The Outsiders (2009)

2 Replies to “No. 18: Every Breath, Every Praise”

  1. Praise Him anywhere! So, this past Sunday I was so exhausted from work and personal family events that I couldn’t even get ready for church on time. I was so bummed because I love my church, but I also have to deal with chronic illness. 😦 All my muscles and bones were crying out for attention, rest, peace. So, I sat in my rocking chair, leaned into my massage pad and looked up Christy Nockels on You Tube. Then proceeded to sing as loud as I could from my nearly crippled state, lifting hands high while belting out, “Waiting here for you, with our hands lifted high in praise. And it’s you, we adore, singing Alleluia!” Worship in my living room…and the Spirit moved in me right there. All by my lonesome.

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