You too, huh? Well stick around. I gotta tell you somethin’.

This week’s post is gonna be like the Cliff Notes version of a regular post. High school is great and dandy and all until you realize you actually have to keep up with it haha.

That definitely brings on loads of stress that is hard to catch up with, but as I’m doing right now, I encourage you to claim James 1:5 over yourself and your stresses.

It says:

I’ve been blessed with an awesome support system who encourages me to keep going DAI. LY., but if your support system is slackin’ a little…consider me your biggest cheerleader! If your stress level spans from dropping cookie dough on the floor to the mom on Home Alone, tell yourself this:
Keep going.

You can do it.

You are smart enough.

You are capable enough.

This will all pay off.

Don’t lose hope or lose sight of the goal.

And if you seek God for wisdom, it will be given to you.
He will honor your hard work. Keep on keeping on. It will be worth it. In the wise words of Michelle Tanner:

“You got it, dude.” 👍🏼

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