No. 20: Grace Upon Grace

Ok so I’d really like to brag on Jesus a little bit cause He never fails me and I’m super excited about that:
So here’s the deal y’all. I suck at math but I understand this equation: teenage person + girl person = seriously hormonal, seriously complicated teenage girl person. AND THEN you add social media and lemme tell y’all that makes 15 gazillion times worse.

Yesterday was kind of rough. And I’m not gonna go into detail cause that just keeps the drama going, but I was in a situation that caused me to get hurt by another teenage girl person when it shouldn’t have happened.

It just so happens that this teenage girl person (who is loved by the Lord, but my goodness, is testing me an awful lot lately) has been on my heart the last couple of days. And I’ve prayed for her. (I don’t really know why, but God does).

…and then a whole new level of mean happened. And it kind of threw me off guard cause it was like “Dude I’ve been praying for you!! You’re supposed to be nice to me now!!”. But teenage girl person didn’t know of these previous conversations I had with Jesus.

BUT YOU KNOW HOW HE DOES. He likes to show off how He gives peace and wisdom and joy to those who trust Him. I didn’t buy a ticket for the Petty Train. That’s not how I am going to choose to spend my time. I do. not. have. the. time. for. that.

If Jesus wasn’t a humble citizen of the Heart of Chayli, I wouldn’t be able to say that even though said teenage girl person doesn’t like me in the slightest and wants to hurt me on purpose, I pray she can find it in herself to love Him first, so she can love still.

It reminded me of when Jesus was on the cross and people were spitting at Him and making fun of Him. Mocking Him RIGHT TO HIS FACE. But did He mock right back? No ma’am/sir, He did not. He asked His Father in Heaven to forgive them, because they didn’t know what damage was coming out of their actions and words.

So moral of the story: even though you want to pull out all of the Mean Girls Burn Book quotes on whoever it is that is in your teenage girl person:Chayli ratio, just drop and pray for them. Everlasting peace trumps everlasting heartache. Never never hurt someone on purpose. Hurt people hurt people. And they want you to know how it feels. So smother ’em in grace.

Everyone is equally deserving to be treated with respect in love. Your cup should be so over-runneth that words that were supposed to hurt you don’t. Pedis not petty, y’all.
Verse: Luke 23:34

John 13:34


“Losing” by Tenth Avenue North from the album The Struggle (2012)

One Reply to “No. 20: Grace Upon Grace”

  1. I love you!! I also admire the amazing chill factor that you possess. Super proud that you are able to listen and follow him with such patience. #youarewise #gratefulforyourspirit

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