No. 22: Kid

Ok, so let’s think of some things that adults can do that teens can’t: get a decent paying job, drive, pay bills, run for president, etc…
Wanna hear some things that teens *can* do that adults aallsssooo can do? Lemme tell you: impact lives, make a difference, fight for what’s right, be good leaders, be serious/intentional about relationships, drive (that’s only some of us, but that’s besides the point), and understand bigger issues than ourselves. Gasp. I know that seems super foreign but I kid you not.

So let’s break down some of the comments that teenagers get and why I think they’re absolutely crazy:
“You can’t _____ because you’re only a kid.”

Hahahahaha no. I’m starting with, what I think, is the worst of all. Can’t: a word that I’m trying my best not to use to describe things that I think I’m not capable of doing. Kid: a word, unless used in a joking manner, tells any teenager “Hey, I realize your age says you’re getting older, but I see you as 5 years younger and I will acknowledge you as such.”

In 1 Timothy 4:12 it talks about not letting anyone look at you like “just a kid” because you’re young. Be young doesn’t equal being irrelevant.

How to rephrase: “You can because you’re the future and heck, we like ya.”

“You don’t really know cause you’re only __ years old.”

Because I’m turning 16 here soon, I’m learning how to be an “older teen”. One of things I’ve been worked on for a few years now is learning to talk to people younger than me with as much respect as someone my own age or older. I don’t want to be accused of looking down on anyone because they are young, because that would literally contradict this subject that I’m so passionate about.

How to rephrase: “I know there are some things that are kinda hard for you do because you’re __ years old, but you can still do awesome things in the meantime.”
“Grow up.”

When I was 8, I remember looking at 16 as the age to be. Sixteen-year-olds were super popular, drove, had credit cards, and always got their nails done (I had pretty detailed visuals, ok?). (Almost) sixteen looks like I have friends, but I’m not super popular. I don’t drive, I don’t have a credit card, and my nails only get painted when I have time. We’re asked to somehow push the hands on the clock backwards when we’re little and then they think we should act grown up once we hit a certain age. That doesn’t make sense, does it?

How to rephrase: “Savor your time.”

*not just for teens
“We don’t really need you.”

If it wasn’t said out loud, sometimes it comes across that way with some adults. Remember when you told us that you were our age once? Remember that little number? I don’t know when the feeling of being unimportant and unwanted ever felt good. I’m guessing it didn’t when you were our age either.

How to rephrase: “You’re vital to the future. I really do think you’re important. Let me help you.”
We are the future. The future church, the future teachers, the future presidents, kings, and queens. We will help you handle your money and keep numbers for your business and design the billboards you pass everyday to work. We will sing the songs you hear on the radio and build the cars you drive.

We are the ones who will lift up your country and world in prayer. We are the ones who will lead the future “kids” into their future. Kind of amazing, huh?

We’re not just some “loser kids”. We are absolutely nuts. I will acknowledge that, ok? I’ll give you adults that one. The weird 6 year period called “the teenage years” are super difficult. They’re tricky, they’re heartbreaking, they’re challenging, they’re beautiful, and most importantly, I believe, they’re given to us to set the stage for when we become an adult. We have 6 years to lay the foundation for the rest of our lives. I say we should do something good with them, hm?
Hey, adults: we’re not “just kids”

Hey, teens: we’re capable of so much more than they claim on our behalf

Hey, preteens: they’re not the best years like adults try to tell you, but you sure learn a lot

Hey, Jesus: Help me algebra? Please?

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭


“Wake Me Up (Acoustic)” by Aloe Blacc from the album Lift Your Spirit (2014)

3 Replies to “No. 22: Kid”

  1. Right on, sistah! I couldn’t say it better. I think so many adults forget that kids, students, teenagers can have the Holy Spirit too! I mean, for crying out loud, Mary (the Mother of Jesus) was probably only about 13 when she received Jesus to carry. You think she could have done that without knowing her God? Preach it, Chayli! I’m so proud of you for voicing what so many students feel, but may not feel like it’s worth writing out…but it is! Your voice matters and so do your thoughts, feelings and YOU! Bless you, sweet one!

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  2. Chayli I move reading your blog because what you post is always truthful and I like your perspective of things. That’s a goal of mine, is not to treat someone younger than me like they don’t understand something or they don’t know something, because often the people younger than us have a greater concentration or perception of things that happen that we as older teens/adults often miss. Keep encouraging this new generation because it’s awesome to see what you’re doing in their lives whether directly or indirectly. ❤️

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  3. Chayli, You ARE the future of everything. We old folks are passionate about making a difference now and (many of us) will continue to do so as long as we have breath. Teens like you that are motivated to see the future and not just the here and now, talking optimistically about it to your others your age, and thinking intelligently amidst all those raging hormones inspire us to continue being passionate. Every weekend I’m surrounded by incredible teens (you being one of them) wanting to make a difference in the lives of children and it excites, and even drives me, to build into you as you build into them. Prepare yourself for leadership, dear girl! Thus, prepare yourself for trials. They’re coming, but you, with the Lord by your side, were built to overcome.

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