No. 26: Happy Birthday, Short & Sweet!

“I think I’m gonna start a blog…ya know, about stuff I’ve gone through and then maybe someone will relate.” That’s what I told my mom one year ago and today, I’m looking back like “How in the heck did I start this blog a year ago already??”

Over the last year, I’ve documented my life by writing about the excitements and challenges God has put in my life and I’ve found such peace sharing it with everyone who has read them. So if that’s you, thank ya kindly 🤗

2016 was a year of many emotions. But no matter what was put in my path, the Lord kept reminding me of the word. Joy. Joy in every emotion, every situation.
Joy in sorrow.

Joy in celebration.

Joy in new relationships.

Joy in old ones.

Joy in being a sister.

And being a daughter.

Joy in doing what I love.

My posts in Short + Sweet over the last year have been snippets of my life that God is putting into words for other people. This life is not my own, it’s His to use. If someone can go “Oh thank goodness! It’s not just me!” then that’s what it’s all about.

So, Happy Birthday to the blog that hasn’t been just a thing to keep me busy, but has been a great blessing in my life. Thanks for reading 💕

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