No. 38: Anchors in the Dark

Thanksgiving is always that one time of year that everyone remembers “oh yeah, I’m grateful for…” There are some days when I realize the strength in the struggle more than the weakness. This has been the hardest year I’ve gone through thus far. I’m so grateful for everyone who has had even a little part of raising me up instead of breaking me apart. This year more than anything I’ve been so grateful for people. Find your people, they’re VITAL to your growth. This year, I would not be writing in a grateful heart if I didn’t have the handful of anchors that have held me down and pushed me to grow. I’m also grateful for the people who offer to talk. A lot of things have come to light that have shifted, cracked, and moved my world completely. But it isn’t over yet. Not even close. But on the day when everyone remembers to be grateful for what they have, I just want to say that people are supposed to be in community with other people. J E S U S is the Anchor that has held me in place, but without my people, I wouldn’t be at a place where I could even talk about it. Emotional abuse is toxic and the after effects are real. There are two people who have poisoned my self esteem & view of myself, which will forever affect me and how I remember this part of my life. But I think part of being thankful is *trying* to forgive.

Love is real, love is alive. Don’t let anyone deceive you to believe you can’t be loved, because you ARE capable, you’re worth it. I was tricked into seeing that and now I’m on my way back to realizing the truth.

So, on thanksgiving 2017, I just want to say this: even though I can still feel the brokenness, I’m not shattered, I can’t afford to be anymore. I am so overwhelmingly grateful to everyone who has stuck by me in my darkness. Love on your people and let them know what they mean to you.



One Reply to “No. 38: Anchors in the Dark”

  1. You’re so ahead of your age. You’re insights are very accurate even though painful and yet you still face them with hope and faith. Thanks for being teachable and real.
    Happy thanksgiving!!

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