Little Things That Make Me Feel Like My Life Is a Mess

the back of my earring that fell off

messy room

clean laundry from 2 weeks ago that still needs put up

low funds in the bank account

not understanding something in school

the nail polish on both of my big toes is smudged


my reflection isn’t what i want it to look like

bruise on my left arm

the realization that i only have 1 year left before i’m an adult

my moisturizer is almost out

i have more stuff than room

i have more things to do than time to do them

my contacts are dry

my glasses need to be pushed up 13249 times a day

my phone is gonna die

split ends


the stray cat that used to visit our backyard doesn’t come anymore

concert tickets are expensive


insecurities 24/7

my clothes fit different

the time i dropped my starbucks drink 3 minutes after i got it


all 8 year olds talk about is poop

it gets dark too early

my camera doesn’t show how beautiful sunsets are

sometimes, i stutter

i suck at confrontation

-you too? it’s not just me?

Chayli Bennett

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