Little Things That Make Me Feel Like My Life Isn’t a Total Mess

twinkle lights

new nails

lunch with friends

pictures with people I love

christmas music AFTER thanksgiving

funny kids movies


indiana sunsets

real friends

white roses


chokers that aren’t twisted

disney merch

singing with my littles

hugging my littles

lovin on my littles

sweet dogs

finding new music

the feeling when you’re not full but you’re not hungry

arizona green tea

sweet gift givers

watercolor paints


good grades

hugs from my brother

kisses on the forehead

belly laughs

black and white movies

mac & cheese

homecoming mums



“I adore you”

frank sinatra

prizes from the fair

ukulele solos

cooking something just right

photo booth strips

love letters

gilmore girls

when clean laundry is FINALLY put away


buying gifts

giving gifts

good playlists


sweet tea

james avery

i love lucy


remembering what you were gonna say

school ending

“i love you…and i mean it”

-“aww me too”

Chayli Bennett

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