No. 43: A Thank You Letter to His Ex


I know this is weird cause it’s not normal, but I’ve had a couple things on my mind. This is more of a thank you letter. Honestly, I always got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I was jealous of the time you got. But I don’t now. I’ve come to realize you were important to him at a certain time and that is ok. But I just wanted to say thank you for helping him grow and for giving him certain pushes that I couldn’t have given him.

You helped shape a part of him and in return, it made him better for me. I know things haven’t always been civil or easy to admit, but I’ve just had this feeling that I needed to give you credit for those little pushes.

I used to compare myself and work myself up about the time I didn’t have, but I’m learning that you had some qualities that helped mold him. What you helped move has given him the tools to help make me a better person. He’s helped me become more bold and independent and I think a small part of that has to do with you. So props to you.

💛, his now

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