No. 44: Father, Take Me

Father, take my feet and let me walk on waves

Father, take my hands and use them to build people up instead of pushing them back down

Father, take my ears and let me hear You when I am uncertain

Father, take my eyes and let me see Your glories

Father, take my nose and let me smell the goodness You have prepared for me

Father, take my tongue and let my words be gracious like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones

Father, take my breath, let it be used to make me more like You

Father, take me, don’t let me sell my soul for gold when You’ve destined me for the diamonds in the milky way

Father, take my questions and let me ask for wisdom instead of asking for what i want

Father, take it all, whatever you want and if i happen to fall, Father pick me back up

-chayli bennett

2 Replies to “No. 44: Father, Take Me”

  1. Yes, my dear and sweet Heavenly Father, fully anoint your precious daughter Chayli with your limitless mercy, grace, and power that she may fully experience the answers to her humble prayers. Amen

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