No. 46: i am

by now, if you haven’t seen on my social media or all over this website, i released a new project that i am (hehehe) SO excited about.

today, i released a project that has been really close to my heart and is really REALLY exciting. it’s called “i am”. so the idea is this: the world tells us who we should be but Jesus tells us who we ARE. there are verses in Scripture to back up what He says about us and once we take ownership of our personal identity, it can be powerful.

every week, i’ll post a picture, just like the one below, of different women and girls proclaiming their identities in Jesus. along with that will be a piece of Scripture that holds hands with their proclamation of their identity. that same week, i will post a drawing of a symbol. it will go along with a description of what it means and why it’s significant. i’m really proud of this project. there are few things that i have been so proud of, but this is one. if it speaks to you or you know one of the featured ladies, share it with your friends on facebook and instagram. so…here’s the first of many:

i am c. the world says i am fearful, but my Father says i am B R A V E.

One Reply to “No. 46: i am”

  1. Wow, I just love this idea Chayli!
    I look forward to enjoying your faith expressed through your creativity.
    Great combo.
    I’m a fan.
    Here’s one of my favorite verses to meditate on regarding the beautiful and romantic relationship our God wants us to experience in reality with Him, and Him alone.
    Song of Solomon 6:3 “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”

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