No. 47: “i am” week 1

from week one of “i am”


i am c. the world says i’m fearful but the Father says i am B R A V E.


art: “love overcomes all (like the sun comes over the mountains)” by gage howell

this is the first of the symbols in “i am”. it’s one of my favorites (not just cause i’m fond of the artist 😉).

if you know me, you know i love the sky. i love sunsets (especially in indiana), sunrises, anything that has to do with beautiful scenery. you can make anything symbolic. one thing i’ve heard about a sunrise that i loved was “the sun will rise and we will try again”.

today might have been rough, but tomorrow, the sun will rise and you have a clean slate. tomorrow, a fresh breath, another beginning.

in Scripture it says “pain may endure through the night, but joy comes in the MORNING.” morning = sunrise. sunrise = new day, new chances.

your pain may last past the night, but tomorrow is new. claim your sunrise.


this is c. the world says she is broken but the Father says she is R E S T O R E D.

One Reply to “No. 47: “i am” week 1”

  1. I’m loving this brave thing. You’re moving from glory to glory (2 CO. 3:18) one day at a time, just like our Lord intended. It’s delightful to watch and be a fan in your corner!

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