No. 62: the introvert’s wild night in

Do you ever just wanna stay in a night when everyone else is going out and doing their own thing? Don’t wanna talk in a crowded room? Meeee too. Here are some things to get your inner introvert excited for a wild night in:

Netflix binge.

Even extroverts do this too, but at this point, we’re pros at it. Here are some good movies and shows to binge:

Grey’s Anatomy

Steel Magnolias

Dead Poets Society

Pretty Little Liars

Brain on Fire

Mamma Mia!

Gilmore Girls

The Crown

Finding Neverland




Gossip Girl


13 Going on 30

The Office

Meet the Parents

Making art.

Now, this is more my pace because I’m almost always in the mood for making art. Find unique canvases, pens, colors of paint, or try mixed media (ex: dried flowers on top of a painting)

Try something new.

Pinterest is chock full of cool recipes to try. Try a new dessert or a DIY project if you’re bored.


Find the messiest areas of your house and tackle one at a time. Sometimes it can be therapeutic to get things clean and in order. Move furniture around or if you’re feelin gutsy, paint a room.


Order a pizza, make dinner, or call in UberEats. Enjoy alone time and a quiet dinner and treat yo’self.

Learn a new instrument.

Pick up that dusty guitar in the corner or your mom’s piano. Learn random things about it like how to tune it or how to make different sounds with it.

Bubble bath.

Use a bath bomb or make your own. Light a candle, turn on some music or a podcast, set a glass of water nearby, and make yourself comfortable. Sometimes all you need is some relaxation.


Discover new YouTubers and binge watch all of their videos. Or go to the very beginning of your favorite YouTubers’s channels to reminisce. Watch old music videos or find bloopers from shows like SNL or The Office.

Read a book.

In the olden days, people read books and if you’re channeling the pioneer days, pick up a book and dive in 😉

Take Buzzfeed quizzes.

Find out what age you’re gonna get married based on the desserts you choose

Write letters.

Another thing the pioneers did was send handwritten letters. They were advanced weren’t they?


Well, I know I don’t normally wanna do it, but when I’m in the mood, a nice little home workout can feel nice and refreshing. You can try a workout like the one below or try dance workouts like FitnessMarshall or Zumba.

10 jumping jacks

15 squats

30 sec. plank

25 crunches

30 sec. wall sit


Well there ya have it! If you’re an introvert, what do you like to do while everyone else is out?

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