No. 64: the goods and bads of being short

1. some (nice) people let you get in front of them at concerts

2. you get to give stools more lovin than a tall person would

3. you’re forever young (“are you…12? 11? …6?”)

4. i am not your dang arm rest, you giant

5. there’s not a short joke you haven’t heard

6. you can squirm through crowds

7. you’re a professional at hide and seek

8. you either look cute or look like you’re getting swallowed by wearing big sweaters

9. pants have to be rolled up

10. you have to wear heels just to pass the 5’0” mark

11. can’t see over the steering wheel

12. standing on your tippy toes in the pool (and everywhere else) when everyone else is flat-footed

13. having toned calf muscles hence previously mentioned tippy toes

14. having enough leg room in cars

15. discounted shoes and socks cause you can buy them in the kid’s area

16. getting shoved to the front of group pictures

17. walking straight through when you’re around low ceilings

18. getting your dress tailored so it’s not dragging all over the place

19. “oh sorry, didn’t see ya there”

20. having anxiety on whether or not you can ride rides at amusement parks

21. never being able to be an astronaut or a Disney Princess or supermodel cause you don’t meet the height requirements

22. getting excited when you’re taller than someone

23. “am i in your way?” “lol”

24. climbing on counters just to put your coffee cups away

25. fitting into a school spirit shirt from the 2nd grade. anyone else? just me? ok

26. maxi skirts have to be pulled up to your boobs to fit right

27. people make fun of your feet dangling

28. “you’re so cute when you’re angry”

29. your neck hurts from looking up at all your long legged friends

30. your boyfriend looks like he just stole you from daycare

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