No. 65: the story behind my first tattoo

this past week, i turned 18. i had the best birthday i think i’ve ever had. i got my license renewed, went to target, bought a lottery ticket, and best of all, got my first tattoo (!!!)

here it is:

from my instagram:



so, a lot of people have asked me about what my tattoo means. on my 18th birthday, i got my first tattoo and i wanted to make sure it was something i’d love and wouldn’t regret.


as everyone knows, my aunt chelle died in may after 5 years of fighting breast cancer. i was very close to her, so it’s made this year super hard. chelle loves tattoos and had plenty herself. she always said she couldn’t wait till i got some.


i found a letter she wrote to me and all the birthday cards i’ve saved for years. i noticed something: all her smiley faces looked the same.


so that’s what my tattoo is. chelle’s smiley. i’ll always have a part of her with me, even if i didn’t get this tattoo. now, i have a visual representation of it.


this year has taken a toll on me and my family, but i think she’d be over the moon about me finally getting a tattoo and growing up and finding at least ONE positive thing from this whole situation 💗


***if you don’t like tattoos, don’t approve of them, or mine, i ask that you please leave those thoughts in your head. i know it’s permanent, i know i’ll have it forever, i know the repercussions. i had a lot of worry about what people would think of me, but i’ve decided i’m tired of caring so much. i love my tattoo. thank you for coming to my ted talk :)***”

pain scale: 1/10 (think “paper cut”)

cost: store minimum

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