No. 66: practice thankfulness

C O W A R D I C E told me i wasn’t strong enough to stand up

F E A R told me i wasn’t brave enough to move forward

A N X I E T Y told me i wasn’t courageous enough to come out of my shell

A N G E R told me happiness wasn’t my choice

D E P R E S S I O N told me to stay in bed and stop caring

S P I T E told me told hold a grudge and take it out on everyone else

but God has not placed within me a spirit of fear, or anxiety, or cowardice. it’s all what you claim. i deal with _________ but i AM __________. He has done a great work in me now, yesterday, tomorrow, 3 weeks from now, 14 year from now. live in the practice of THANKFULNESS, gratefulness and humility.

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