No. 67: it’s chayli’s 2018

hello friends! happy 2019!

i know i’ve been off of Short + Sweet for a long time and i apologize. if i’m being totally real with you, i’ve lost motivation and inspiration for all of it. it reminded of what didn’t happen…and sadly what did. 2018 was a ridiculous year for me, but it was the year i found myself. i found who i am. here’s a little 2018 recap:

march 11-16: first mission trip in jackson, mississippi

april 12: parents’s divorce became final

late april: “i am” really started taking off

may 5-10: went to indiana to be with my aunt, on the 8th she passed away, and on the 10th was her funeral

(may 5th & 6th we’re also the days that i was supposed to have an entire art event dedicated to “i am” and obviously did not happen. i wouldn’t have missed being with my aunt for the world, but it was a hard loss for me too)

may 27: last time singing in student ministry

june 2: celebrated my brother’s 9th birthday

june 30/july 1: spent time with mine and gage’s family for the 4th

july 1/2: hightailed it to florida to celebrate with more family

july 10: came home for 1 day before i left for camp

july 11: explored downtown santa fe with friends

july 11-15: camp

july 23-27: serving at kid’s camp

august 10: celebrated my friend’s 18th with a huge party 🤩

august 27: first day of senior year

september 28: celebrated MY 18th with a huge party 🤩

september: lauryn hill concert with dad

october 1: 18th, first tattoo

october 3: started going to a new church

october 5th (aka best day of my life): taylor swift concert

october 8: worst allergic reaction i’ve ever had, went to ER

october 17: started online shop (down below)

october 19: hoco

october 31: brother’s first halloween

november 2: voted for the first time

november 8: 2nd anniversary ❤

november 14: spent time with brother at school

november 17: went to mavs game with dad

november 22: spent thanksgiving with gage’s family

november 28: celebrated gage’s 17th

november 30: got 2nd tattoo

december 3: started my youtube channel (down below)

december 25: christmas

december 26: got promise ring

december 31: spent new year with my boo ❤

so there you have it. a year of extreme ups and downs that i’ve never known. thank you for being apart of it with me ☺️

i will post here and there on Short & Sweet. knowing me, i’ll probably get this huge spark of inspiration and then you’ll be overloaded with 14 new posts. however, i’ve been really enjoying videography and youtube, so if you wanna come with me over there, i would love that 🙂

love you guys, thanks so much for being here still.



instagram: @itschayli

twitter: itschayli


online shop:

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