No. 68: the price of being creative

the price of being creative is that you’re always expected to keep creating. but what happens when you don’t know what to create?

i’m in a creative trap right now. i haven’t written for this blog in a long time. i haven’t edited a video for my channel in 2 weeks.

when i created it, i said “i’m not doing it for likes and subscribers, i’m just doing it to capture this time in my life.” which is true, but honestly speaking, it’s fun to look at how many likes you got or how close you are to being monetized (paid). i got sucked into the trap of algorithms and views, and in a social media based society, it’s hard to do it for anything but that.

it’s a job. mad props to people who actually do it for a job because i don’t know if i could do it. it’s fun until consistency = success and consistency is everything. it’s the way it works, i suppose, but for someone like me who’s livelihood is based on creating, it’s a drain. i feel like i get in these creative ruts a few times a year. it happens like this:

i get really, really creative for a while. i found a new project, i’m pumped about it, i invest LOTS of time into it, and i’m bubbling over with excitement.

my excitement is a little less, but there nonetheless. when i work, i work hard. i think hard, i focus hard, i work really hard.

then, after the particular project is done, i’m tired. it took a lot out of me and i don’t look at the product much because then i start criticizing it.

i’m worn out from it and then i take a break. and then i realize, i don’t know what else to make. and then more time passes and i still haven’t created anything.

so if you’re creative or you’re into something and you’re having a block, you’re not alone. *alexa, play “I’m Not the Only One” by sam smith* just enjoy the time you’re not creating and do something useful. like write a blog post about how unproductive you feel since you’re not creating 🤷🏻‍♀️

so if you’ve been following me on socials, this blog, my channel, or all of the above, thanks for keeping up and being supportive. just understand that there’s an immense amount of pressure that comes with trying to be successful on social media.

in a time where influencers keep getting younger, it’s easy to feel not as accomplished. keep doing the stuff, you’ll get out of it 😉

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